A downloadable interactive experience for Windows

Zack Olson- Background , Bat, and Lizard Art/Animations

Emily Shaffer- Main character dude, goat boi, I also did some other stuff that never made it into the game. Also you're welcome for finding the sounds.

Brendan Bard - General programming, state machine, concept consultant

Noah Wussow - Environmental Assets, Character and Boss Animations, Backup Programmer, Puzzle Designer

Trevor Livingston - General programming, asset implementation (I put all those bats in there), guy with the PC.  


WorkingAsIntended.zip 22 MB


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Wow, truly a life changing experience! I used to live my life in daily routines, but this game not only threw a wrench in it, it shattered my perception of reality. Whomever the parents of these fine, young developers are should be proud of them!